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If you are interested in joining AAC Anton Huette, we'd love to hear from you

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Lodge Renovations Near Completion

It's done folks. The new, amazingly improved Anton Huette is here.

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Changed Booking Rules for 2023

The new booking rates for 2023 have been released and are on the club Website. As usual they contain a copy of the booking rules.

Members are strongly recommended to check these rules before they book. We make particular reference to those items detailing new protocols for booking into shared rooms.

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Annual General Meeting 2022

With Anton's financial year closed at the end of September, it will soon be time to get together again for our Annual General Meeting.

And what a year it has been, Yay! At last we got to go to the lodge, play in the snow and remember why we are in this club.

The meeting will be held 29 November at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club at 7.30pm. 

We encourage all members to participate in the AGM and extend a particular welcome to our new members who can broaden their knowledge of the club and fellow members.

The meeting venue is very spacious and will be set out to observe such health requirements as apply at the time. We are assuming at this stage that an in-person meeting will be possible. If not, we will revert to a Zoom format as per last year. 

A detailed information pack will come to you by email.