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Anton Renos April 2022 203621

Our masterplan has been in place for 2 years now and a great deal of work has been done to bring the concept to fruition. We have completed the double glazing with spectacular new windows, finished the insulation and new external cladding. Also ready is the restoration of the floor heating, balancing of electrical circuits, replacement of emergency exit doors and refurbished laundry. 

The big ticket stage of kitchen, dining room and lounges was tackled this past summer and has now reached practical completion. Well done to our builders for finishing on time. As with all building projects, there are a few little bits and bobs that need to be rectified and the builder is onto those as this is being written. Full sign off is not far away.

A work party from your committee was at Anton over the Anzac Day weekend to inspect the work and take delivery of and assemble new furniture that tops off the stunning new look. We also busied ourselves with a number of tasks such as placing all the new kitchen items in their positions, test all new appliances ( including the ice maker!), label the kitchen & fridge cupboards, adjust the lighting and many more.

Massive well done in particular goes to our project subcommittee: Peter Mummery, Adrian Reek and Paul Pivec. They each brought separate skills backed by extensive career experience and the combination is a winner. The result of their work is outstanding and demonstrates the detailed design and engineering that has gone into the project.  Can’t wait to see members' faces when they first see it.

Take a look at our exclusive preview pics to see for yourself.


Anton Renos April 2022 122301  


Anton Renos April 2022 143153


Anton Renos April 2022 104107


Anton Renos April 2022 203640


Anton Renos April 2022 124350


Anton Renos April 2022 203621