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Member bookings for season 2024 open on the 1st Feb. Please ensure that you have paid your subs as only financial members are able to book. The booking rules will be similar to last year with a couple of issues I would like to clarify for all members.

  1. Our booking system is not able to differentiate between family guests (bookings for these guest open on 8th March) and guest of members (bookings for these guests open on 15th March). As such if you want to book a family guest (defined as partner and/or children of member only) on the 8th of March, this booking needs to be done through Alan Long. Please e-mail Alan ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -e-mail address TBC) so that he has a record of the booking and time of bookings. Requested bookings will be processed in the order that they were received. If your booking is unsuccessful, Alan will inform you before the 15th March. Please remember there are only 4 guests per membership booking permitted.
  2. Booking Timetable is:
    1. Full Members and Junior Members can book from 1st Feb 2024
    2. Associate members & AAC reciprocal members can book form 1st March 2024
    3. Direct Family Guests (Partner & children only) can be booked in from 8th March 2024 (see above)
    4. Guests can be booked in from 15th March 2024
  1. When bookings open only 7 and 5 days bookings will be possible and these will all be Sunday Night to Saturday night inclusive (7 day bookings) or Sunday night to Thursday night inclusive (5 day bookings). Any other combination or weekend bookings are limited to 28 days in advance of booking.
  2. Sports Week is 21st July to 27th July and there is a $375 surcharge on top of the accommodation charges. The surcharge pays for ski lessons and race course setups
  3. We now have three season Tariffs:
    1. Winter Off Peak which is 7/6/24 - 22/6/24 and 8/9/24 - 28/9/24
    2. Winter Shoulder which is 23/6/24 - 3/8/24 and 25/8/24 - 7/9/24
    3. Winter Peak which is 4/8/24 - 24/8/24. In this tariff there is no child discounted accommodation

  We have attached the downloaded document from the website that details the rates and rules for the 2024 season.


Hope you all have a great 2024 ski year


Anton Committee