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Anton Huette
happy group

If you like skiing at Mt. Hotham consider a membership at Anton Huette. Wal Kenworthy is the Membership Officer of the club and would like to explain some of the benefits of membership at Anton.


Anton Huette Memberships
c/ Proacct

PO Box 139
Deepdene 3103

or email Anton Huette Memberships


Download the Membership Brochure (pdf)

When I joined Anton Huette I knew no other skiers and I could hardly ski. What I found at the Lodge were fun loving people who enjoyed their skiing. Great people whom I still ski with. Some have become lifelong friends.
My membership at Anton also makes me a member of the AAC (Australian Alpine Club). This entitles me to stay at the other AAC affiliated lodges at - Mt. Buller, Falls Creek, Perisher, Thredbo and Dinner Plain.
When bookings open for members in February I can book weeks and / or mid weeks for any time in the season. If I book by April I can generally get what I want. I can take up to 2 guests, and apart from August, which is the busiest month this is generally possible. 
The club also has Room 16. Room 16 is a 4 bed bunk room that can only be booked by members 14 days in advance. This allows me to stay on the mountain at short notice. This is great when there is a fresh dump of powder and the lodge is otherwise full. 
Memberships are currently available because a number of founding members no longer wish to ski and have resigned. If you buy a membership you will be replacing one of these resigned members.

  Membership Costs

Currently a full membership at Anton Huette costs around $5,100 including GST. Of this 1/3rd is a non refundable joining fee. The remaining 2/3rds is your equity, known as a debenture, which is redeemable on the sale of your membership.
Each year each member pays an annual subscription. This covers the basic running costs of the Lodge for the season. For 2013 it will be $495 (includes GST) plus any levies.

  Two Ways to Pay

There are 2 ways of paying for your membership. Either the full amount, or by 3 equal installments. This installment method attracts a 10% surcharge payable with your first installment. Memberships can be passed on to family members at no cost.

  Junior Membership

Junior membership is designed to offer the benefits of full membership to persons between the ages of 6 - 24. Your committee wants to promote junior membership to swell our members ranks with young enthusiastic skiers. Junior members are essential to the future of our club.
Junior members have the same booking rights as full members with one exception. That junior members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an Adult member.
Junior members between the ages of 6 - 18 pay accommodation rates at only half the adult member rate. This is designed to help reduce the skiing costs of school aged children.
To join as a junior member, applicants only pay the non-refundable joining fee, $1,850.00 including GST which can be paid over 3 years. When a junior member reaches the age of 25 they can either convert to a full membership by paying the debenture payable at that time or let their membership lapse.
The junior member annual subscription rate for 2013 is currently $156.20 (including GST) plus any levies. Applicants for junior membership must have a parent or guardian who is a member of Anton.